Photo Facial Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-invasive, light treatment that delivers energy into the deeper layers of the skin to improve skin tone and texture. Vascular lesions, redness, broken capillaries, and sun spots can be significantly reduced or erased. The range and wavelength of the light emitted during the treatment can be adjusted to accommodate your specific skin needs and concerns.  IPL can also be used to reduce pore size, for acne control, and for hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can be treated?

When Photo Facial IPL is used for skin rejuvenation or for acne clearance,  it is typically done on the face, chest, upper back, arms, and dorsal hands.  It can be used on any part of the body for hair removal.  It is used on the neck for treatment of poikloderma of civatte (redness and pigment alteration due to sun damage).  It is used on the face, chest and back for acne.

How do I know if I am right for this treatment?

This treatment is safe for fair skin types only.  You should be free of sun-tanned skin before considering this treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin.  Topical anesthetic is available to use however, most people do not feel that they need it since the hand piece cools the skin as it glides over the area.  PRONOX, a form of "laughing gas" is available for an added cost.

How many treatments do I need?

It depends upon the amount of damage and what your treatment goals are.  For skin rejuvenation it typically requires about three treatments spaced one month apart.  Hair removal requires about six to eight treatments spaced six weeks apart, and depending on the location, e.g. lower face in females, sometimes requires chronic treatments.  For treatment of acne, this is not a cure but rather an adjunctive treatment to use to control acne in addition to other modalities.  For control of acne it is used every 2-4 weeks.

Will this reduce pore size?

Many people report that the size of their pores appear to be reduced, however this benefit is not always lasting for everybody.

How can IPL Photo Facial improve my acne and Rosacea?

The IPL light can kill the bacteria that causes acne and can reduce sebum (oil) and can overall improve skin tone.  It also helps with acne scarring - the red and brown spots that remain after the acne bump goes away.  It can help with the redness seen in Rosacea as well. 

Is there any down time?

You may experience some mild redness after treatment.  If you have any pigmented marks or freckles, they can appear a little darker before they flake off.  This process can last about 3-5 days.  You should wear sunscreen after treatment and avoid the sun.  Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.



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